Must-Visit Tourist Attractions at Sentosa Island, Singapore

April 14, 2022

Singapore has always been a country that is always crowded with foreign tourists. The charm of this small country never runs out, there are many interesting tourist attractions that are a pity to miss. One of the areas with interesting tourist attractions in Singapore is Sentosa Island.

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Back to Sentosa Island, is an island created due to the reclamation process. Since its opening, this place has become a favorite tourist spot for tourists. Here are some recommended tourist destinations on Sentosa Island!

1.   Palawan Beach

The first recommended tourist spot on Sentosa Island is Palawan Beach. Since Sentosa Island is a small island, of course, there are many beautiful beaches, such as Palawan Beach that you can reach easily from the city center.

A typical coastal panorama that makes you calm, you will forget about the hustle and bustle of the city, also refreshing from busy work. One of the interesting places on Palawan Beach is the suspension bridge that crosses the small bay. Try to walk on the suspension bridge and you will see the beautiful blue-green sea.

In addition, visitors can also climb the twin towers on the beach and see the wide stretch of Palawan Beach. Palawan Beach is perfect for you to visit with your family because there is a special playground for children.

2.   Universal Studio Singapore

If you want to visit tourist attractions with lots of exciting rides, Universal Studio Singapore is the right choice. This Theme Park is a miniature of a Hollywood movie scene that has been operating since January 2010. Since then, Universal Studio Singapore has always been full of visitors.

At Universal Studio Singapore, you can find 24 exciting rides with seven different themes, namely The Lost World, Far and Away, New York, Sci Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Hollywood Boulevard, and Madagascar.

3.   Siloso Beach

As previously mentioned, Sentosa Island is a small island with many beaches. Besides Palawan Beach, the beach on Sentosa Island that you must visit is Siloso Beach. This is a beach that has many beautiful resorts and cottages.

The weather at the Siloso beach is not too hot, it tends to be cool because it is on a hill. Enjoy the calming breeze on the beach with the calm sound of the waves. At this beach, you can play exciting sports, such as volleyball, canoeing, or swimming.

4.   The Skyride

Enjoying the beauty of Sentosa Island is not complete if you don’t try The Skyride while enjoying the beauty of the city of Singapore from above.

Near The Syride, visitors can also try the Skyline Luge ride, perfect for those of you who like adrenaline rides. There are two tracks to choose from, namely the 638-meter-long Butterfly track and the 658-meter-long Expedition.

5.   S.E.A Aquarium

The last recommendation that you should not miss is S.E.A Aquarium. For those of you who can’t swim, but want to enjoy the underwater scenery, you must visit this place. There are many marine species, about 800 species, in the large aquarium at this tourist spot.

One of the most favorite zones at S.E.A Aquarium is the Shark Seas Zone, where you can see about 200 types of marine predators, such as hammerhead sharks to silverfin sharks.

Those are the tourist attractions recommendations that must be visited on Sentosa Island, Singapore. Don’t forget, if you are vacationing in this place, book accommodation through Traveloka and get many interesting offers.